Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Needs or Wants? Questions

  • How much more volatility can a person nowadays handle?

  • How much "globalization" and of what type?

  • Do national laws, public policies and regulations make the dynamics and systemics of the environment people live their lives in more or less stable, do they reduce volatility or do they increase it even more?

  • How much regulation is enough regulation, when do rules become ineffective towards the need of Society and people? Where is the equilibrium, the right amount of regulation?

  • Are people today tied down by an antiquated approach to "ownership" and "safety nets"?

  • Can and should we separate needs from wants? Individuals, policy makers, thinkers, marketeers, economists, etc?

  • How many people fall under and can have their decisions/choices "simulated" by models which assume basically "rational" thinking and behavior

  • How many people today have the capacity to be "globally minded", and what is more, "globally aware"?

  • Is the Earth too big for people to be "aware of the whole"? Is partial global awareness good or bad?

  • What is the value of ignorance? Can people have enough real control over their lives to satisfy that need or is it merely a matter of "perception" of "awareness" or "control"?

  • Is there a difference between partial global awareness and parochialism (in a traditional or new definition of the term)? What is that difference and what are its effects?

  • Is freedom today just another word for "nothing to lose"?

  • Is traditional middle class - bourgeois thinking suitable for the needs of the times?

  • Do the things we own wind up "owning" us?

  • What are people saving for today (a nest egg for a rainy day)? What are they consuming on/for? Needs or Wants?

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