Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On the new capitalism

New capitalism is the capitalism of ideas and intellect.

And it is a free market. I do not thus see, as a centrist liberal ("libdem" in Europe in ideology) why my grand father and family are less reliable sources than any other, person or organisational entity, in a truly (rather than nominally) free and non-oligopolistic market (agora) for ideas and knowledge, especially given the subject of Civil War in Greece. As per Corporatism, see Max Weber.

PS. Capitalism is not about winning or losing either. Sports are. And a corporation's mission is not to win but to maximize shareholder value. Many people who criticise capitalism and corporations fail to realise that, IMO. They think in terms of "war" or "sports" and they transfer this thinking, faultily, IMO, in other areas. My way of thinking and analysis is a product of my MIT education.

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