Thursday, 26 January 2006

In Search of Competitiveness, In Search of Wisdom

In search of competitiveness, in search of wisdom

Do you need me?
Do you want me?
Do you love me?
Said the lover.

Which one would you rather I did?
He asked

All three
She replied

Am I the cheapest?
Am I the most expensive?
Am I the most valuable?
Am I the most wanted?
Am I the only one?
Asked the product on the shelve

What would you rather be?
He asked

All five
Said the product

Am I the cheapest to employ?
Am I the most productive?
Am I the most efficient?
Am I the hardest working?
Am I the most qualified?
Asked the employee

What would you rather be?
He asked

All five
The employee replied

Am I the most competitive?
Am I the one with the best ROI?
Am I the one with the highest P/E ratio?
Am I the one with the highest dividend?
Am I the most flexible?
Asked the company.

What would you rather be?
He asked.

All five
The company replied

He just wanted to be free
To choose
To accept
To reject
To think
To enjoy
To live

He wanted choices
He was offered advantages

He wanted options
Which matched his needs and wants

In a volatile world
They wanted loyalty

They were willing to offer everything
He wanted

He wanted choices
He needed options
He sought freedom
They sought commitment

They tried to be the best
He wanted the right one for him

If only he knew what that was

They sought competitiveness
He sought wisdom, to make the right choices

Sunday, 1 January 2006

US-EU Comparisons and Contrasts: Intro

The US and Europe do have very different "Systemics" and the aim of the following analyses of mine are not to suggest that one is better or worse than the other, merely to try to pinpoint the differences in the 2 "Systems" and how they impact on different people and "tastes".

For some people, the US Systemics are best suited for, for others, the "Euro" ones.