Tuesday, 16 August 2005

The Game in Town

An allegorical poem about business, diplomacy and love:

The Game in Town

The sun was reigning high in the sky
Kings and knights gathered on the beach
Queens and ladies prepared for the event
All the peons were in position already

It was a fine day, full of promise
Conditions were right, the wind just right
"What a fine day", said the knight in silver
"A day to remember" replied the knight in blue

Like a game of chess, the event began
Strategic movements, tactical plays
The crowd was pleased, so were the players
"We have not had such a day here since ... 1999"

The king was eager to see results, the kingdom fame was at stake

Hour by hour, the game intensified
Much contact was made, most non committal
"It's too early to commit, too late to change strategy", admitted Deborah

"Stick to your goals and you shall prevail", advised Diana
Diana's word carried much weight, unlike her voice
Sweet, young, beautiful and rich, she was many players' choice

"Oh how I miss, 02", declared Nicholas

"007 is a much better choice" said Andrea
"No, silly, the year" said Diana
Andrea was a fine player, full of assets
but low on gas, and poor in other departments

Many hours later, the event came to a close
Bargains were reached, promises made
Commitments for the night, if conditions proved right
The beach felt deserted

Night fell upon the town
The center came alive

In bars and in bistros, commitments were kept
promises betrayed, anticipations realised

"Why are you in this game" asked the undercover reporter
"Cause it's the only game that counts", replied the daughter of the king
Kings and queens, knights and ladies, we are all here, because here is the place

The summer resort, somewhere in the global beach, was alight with noise

Who cares about the winter, when summer is so glorious
Who cares about losing, when winning is so grand
Who cares about anything, when life is being lived

This was a day and a night in a village near a warm sea

The sea of life
The ocean of hopes
The sky of pleasure
The game of love

Written: August 2005


Wednesday, 10 August 2005

"Knight in the Night"

Knight in the Night

A ring, a ring, a sign of devotion
A flower, a flower, a sign of emotion

An option, an option, a sign a freedom
Devotion, devotion, a sign of the kingdom

The road to the castle was paved with roses
The road to the yard was paved with grass

Oh, I love the smell of grass in the morning, said the Prince

Far, away, in the horizon, the dust was clear
The barbarians were coming, in full speed and armour
Oh, I love the smell of battle in the morning, said the Knight
Oh, I hate war, said the Queen
All is fair in love and war, proposed the Princess

The battle was long and gruesome
The men in white and the women in black won the day
But lost the Knight
Peace, declared the Prince, let's do business

How noble, said the barbarians
Rules can turn barbarians into nobles, said the wizzard
It's who makes the rules that counts, said the counsel

That was many many years ago
Or so it seems
Rings, flowers, rules and devotions
Void of emotions

Originally written: August 2005