Monday, October 15, 2001

Europe's way?

  • 'Who are my (company's) clients?"
  • "What are my (company's) "products" (or "services")?
    (i.e. "What business is my company really in?")
  • "What are my (company's) "core competences"?

In times of trouble, these questions become even more crucial than they normally are.

In view of the extra-ordinary circumstances, the temptation to "dodge" these issues is significant. Yet, in these times, clarity of vision is essential.

Like individuals, corporations have their energy limitations. Focusing the corporate energy to pursuing the right objectives, under the appropriate strategies, is a key success factor.

Europe's way of dealing with economic recessions seems constrained by its distinct "cultural" heritage (i.e. the "European Social Model"). One opportune question is "how is this model pertinent to the current situation"? Keynes' supporters have strong arguments for intervention. But are they strong enough?

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