Saturday, February 24, 2018

Our New Greece!

Thanks to Inga (also married to a Greek) for helping Manana on Saturday prepare the Pangrati flat for Manana and her son to move to next weekend.

My wife's 39 y.o. son, in Greece since 2007, has a for humanitarian reasons residence permit that's only valid for Greece, just re-checked it, not the UK or even the rest of the Schengen area.

The same applies to others as well. Thus my Greece is leaving NATO, Schengen and soon the EU.

We will have our own Greek currency and own Greek army.

We will of course only buy US arms in my New Greece cos we as SYRIZA we don't like the EU nor NATO but we Greeks like the US and we want great relations with the US so we will buy arms from the US.

As a non EU non NATO country we will make our own laws and have our own trade and immigration treaties with all other countries.

Nick Panayotopoulos
SYRIZA OM Patissia