Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Migration: The Schengen system in Europe has many faults

My foreign wife has a son who's allowed to only live and work in Greece and not the rest of Schengen or the EU. How fair is that for a European Union that claims to be more humanitarian than other blocs and world powers?

In effect Greece has been forced by its EU and Schengen co-members to absorb the bulkk of the employment and economic effects on large migration from Asia, Africa and the ex USSR to the European West.

Instead of being recognized for their efforts to keep and find jobs in their own country and abroad, Greeks who have been dealing with huge problems in their own country (bureaucracy, overregulation, lacking infrastructures, etc) have been post 2009 branded as thieves, tax evaders, lazzies, even fascists.

While 17-75 year old Greeks are far from perfect, since their country faced a Stalin USSR promoted civil war post WWII and a US aided junta in 1967-1974 and given its geographical and morphological characteristics, Greece and Greeks deserved the aid they were given. Thus it does not constitute loans but a just payment for having incurred the cumulative effect of faulty public policies not only by Brussels but also the USSR, the post USSR Russia and other states, the UK, Germany et al.

Greece does not owe any country money. It thus has not only the capitalist but also the moral right to not pay back the little money given by Eurozone member states and the IMF members to help it deal with the above mentioned cumulative effect plus the effect of world migartion to the EU via Greece.

Further analysis on this topic available. Contact the analyst at 0030.2108646683.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Marketing over finance

It is now some time since the hawks beat Obamacare in the US and then launched a full throttle attack on Europe's social model(s). And society has started its comeback, mostly in Europe and somewhat in the US. The growth of hawkish parties in Germany, the NL and elsewhere has been causing a variety of side effects such as Greece's golden dawn party. Some are in the progressive direction (PODEMOS, SYRIZA, etc).

What will come out of 2015's other elections in the UK, Spain, etc? The upcoming US elections? In any case, fasten your seat belts and hold your passports tight in your hands.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Some German and Dutch politicians must learn some manners

The German minister of Finance and his Dutch counterpart must a) learn History b) learn some manners. The way they have been treating Europe in the past few years are aweful.

First of all, they must realize that Germany and the Netherlands are privileged by their geographic location. While the NL has done much to improve its landscape, it and Germany benefit from good access to whatever exists in Europe of an internal market and globalization.

As Ι have pointed out in previous analyses here and all media, South Europe needs a chance to become competitive. Even more so Greece which gets the heaviest load of migration from Asia, Africa and the former USSR into the so called "European Union".

My wife of last year just got a Schengen visa excluding the UK and Ireland and her son cannot travel outside Greece to France, the UK, NL and Germany. That is not fair and a crime against humanity.

More from this and the political forefront soon.

Nick Panayotopoulos

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Greece and the US the main victims of faulty globalization

Unlike most views I read and hear, Greece needs no memoranda or new programs but a solid government instead. The No1 reason ppl go to #Greece is climate. The No1 reasons they don't is the oligopolistic structure of the airline industry in Europe and beyond and the morphology of Greece that creates sub markets but do not impeded global players anymore, thus leading to dealth of the Greek enterprise and job market (jobless a whopping 25% officially 6 years after 2009).

Next time in Athens take a stroll on Aharnon St. in Patissia to see how Schengen and globalization aren't working. There is no crime and people in a friendly environment but what most want to forget is that in addition to its 2009+ crisis due mostly to faulty 1981-2015 PASOK and Stournaras policies, Greece pays a huge cost due to Schengen's policy to keep most Asian, African and ex USSR immigrants in Greece instead of other EU/Schengen member states.

Thus Greece faces a crisis larger than the US Depression since pays a huge cost due to so many faulty EU & globalization in addition to faulty 1981-2015 PASOK one and thus must default.

It is my view that Greece should pay only individuals who are creditors as well as selected debtor countries.

Why, one may ask.

Because default is part of the capitalist game and under my leadership or advice Greece will default and pay only certain creditors

What is more, while in Patissia in Athens in 2008 I fell in love with an illegal immigrant widow and I married her in Georgia in 2014 thus now know how shitty the Schengen regime is

"Greece owes no apologies to anyone, @yanisvaroufakis if you need me I'm on your side, man! cc @paulmasonnews @spygun" I tweeted to the Greek MinFin Yanis Varoufakis yesterday.

Some more considerations on the issue:

1) The PASOK party in Greece is now dead and with good reason, it co-governed Greece for most of 1981-2015 but provided only few solid policies

2) As pick and choose members of the #EU, the UK, Ireland and Denmark have no business telling Greece what to do and how to do it

3) Greece owes no apologies to the other EU members, Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands do.

4) Too many foreign journos who go to Greece stay gated in luxury hotels and don't see the real Greece crisis

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Athens vs Sparta, 2014

Management/politics/Life: The main choice has always been: Athens or Sparta. In Ancient Greece, in USSR vs USA, in US vs British Empire, Germany vs USA, Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos, Barcelona vs Real, Celtics vs Lakers, Celtic vs Glasgow Rangers (duopoly). But sometimes there is a third party, eg Ancient Thebes, AEK, the EU, etc that comes in and sometimes wins the day.