Saturday, January 12, 2019

Achilles19: The legal kidnapping of 1831-2018 Hellas

11 Eurozone governments let Simitis and team enter Greece unpreparared in the EMS, EMU and Eurozone in 1997-2002 and bent the criteria for them, the fail bonds rating system allowed Greece to borrow to the hilt all the way to 2008 with fail data, ur media and their journos were scared silly the 2004 Athens games would be hit by terrorists and scared tourists off, you let Turkey invade 30% Cyprus in 1974, allowed 2 military goverments in 1967-1974 and only Bill Clinton apologized later. 

Various national military industries make hefty profits from local wars.

When the Fed mismanaged its interest and caused the subprime bubble to burst and Trichet, Papademos and team at the ECB kept interests high and hurt the competitiveness of Eurozone manufacturers you, global public opinion, kept silent.

When the Iron Curtain fell the flood of neopoor migrants came handy to your labor cost minded meta-industrial overserviced economies and your employers, including ones in Greece.

Hollywood used a Mexican actor to portray Zorba and a Scot a Greek fisherman playboy in Shirley V.

Your governments and many central bankers got scared of Contagion in 2010 and most of ur media, opinion leaders and others kept calling my fellow Greeks tax evaders, scammers, lazy, etc, etc on and on and on and on.

Then your 189 states became via IMF and the Eurogroup lenders and legal guardians of Greece via Troika. 

Big mistake. Blame them not Alexis and Kyriakos.

Ur governments and media ridiculed UK educated Cretan Yanis Varoufakis and forced a temp closure of banks for non card holders in 2015.

Ur media kept interviewing the right people to further defame Hellas aka Greece and Greeks.

Even b4 1831 the British Empire, France, Russia and Austria sought to play guardian of Greece. They gave the new country a German king, Otto (in Greek, Othon).

So after Dropbox Inc I'm helping Alexis, Rena, Nikos and their party, and to some extent only, Koulis, and maybe Zoe the Terminator and LAE extract a Full Refund for Hellas, then I will pack again a backpack and hit the global road until the end of ur silly civilization or my life, whichever comes first.

Reporting from Athens,

aka Philosoph21
Ulysses79 at MIT Zeta Psi
Alexander at Dropbox
1999 Manos Bull 
Guardian of Troas Makri (1925-2008) in 1997-2012.
Guardian of Haris Makri (1929-2017) in 2015-2017
Hellenic Navy 1987-1988

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