Friday, August 3, 2018

How to move to Alexis Tsipras' and Nick Panayotopoulos' Greece

The best current way to move to Greece is to try to get a job with @Teleperformance EMEA/Greece (click to view the job adverts and apply).

They are the subsidiary of a well known and legit French multinational and have three operations in the outskirts of Athens and one in Crete.

They provide a work visa for you (free) and the travel costs and that's cool. I worked for them in 2017.

You do in many cases wind up with a contract with @GroupRandstadFR Greece (as I and many others did) but that is not TP's or Alexis' fault, it's SYRIZA's Efi Achtsioglou's (Minister of Labor) that this type of subcontracting is permitted in post 2010 Greece.

Yet the job is interesting, gives you pay and insurance and it's good experience plus a way to settle in Greece!

Another way to join us in Greece is to start a new company. You still need a visa though if your non EU. You may wind up regretting it due to overlegislation and red tape, or not, but that is not Alexis' fault, it's Minister of Finance's @tsakalotos and his team's. It gets better though.

A third way to join Alexis and me in Greece is to convince your current employer to move some of his/her operations to Greece. Or have me do it. There are many good reasons for this!

Plus I plan to cut overlegislation and red tape either at EU level or at national level soon.

PS. All PMs, MinFins and Labor Ministers of Greece will face a special court when the Occupation ends. Greece will become the Greece you all expect, at last. Be part of this Greece!

2018 is a good year to do so while prices (salaries, land and other assets) are low due to the crisis. They will rise soon.
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