Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Prices in Greece

Because Greece is so far a small market in consumers, they were just 8.5 million not too long ago, regulation and others conditions make caused the GNP to dive over 30% post 2010.

Please remember that in Greece taxi driving, trucking, doctor, nurse, lawyer, security guard are regulated and unfree. You have to do a stage with a realtor to be one! There is also a weird new profession called valuator.

Because most of the 300 current MPs are jerks, they don't know how to run Greece. Thus the jobless rate is 20-35% still while only 55% want to work!

Prices in post 2010 Greece are thus lower only in markets where there is local, national, EU or global competition.

Hotels is only of them.

105 for a nite is well below Brussels rates. There are plenty of Greek hotels eager to have u. Plus airbnbs, rooms in house, forests, countryside and camping sites include the 2018 free camp at Sounthion.

In Brussels don't forget to stay at the best of the best, Hotel La Madeleine.

Be sure to hi from me to Nick the manager, Jean, Marina and the rest of the staff.
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