Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Brexit too far?

I knew was coming when debating UK eurosceptics in the Online Forums in 2005.

In 2012 on post Olympics Oxford Street I was pleasantly amazed by the global melting pot of people. But could alas feel coming.

I had bought my Subbuteo from Hamley's and my Spurs fan shirt at Lillywhites' after my first game at White Heat Lane.

Northbourne Park summer school in Kent.

Adieu, I guess, UK on behalf of the EU.

We shall of course remain overseas.

You shall walk alone, your choice though. Long before the ref.


As I wrote 2 years ago, one  solution, albeit scifi, is for Remain Britons to move to Scotland and NI and have them ceed and join the EU member Republic of Ireland.

What Guy Verhofstadt and others have been proposing is even less feasible than this.

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