Thursday, June 7, 2018

Your Greece, your Europe, your world

Your 1962-2018 Greece has been a nuthouse and a mess. Lagarde was right to a large extent.
The 2010-2018 is a fail, you have gated almost everything in Athens. Don't blame only Stournaras, PASOK and the Troika, you are mainly to blame after all.
You hated the EU until you got the EU funds.
My cat understands competition issues better than most of you.
You never liked any of my family.
You have dominated the job market and now I am doing intellectual 50 shades of grey on your  daughters and you.
You think Kyriakos is from a kali oikogeneia.
You address me as if I am young.
I am 55 and will screw you in every way possible: fiscal, legal, social security and maybe sexually but after I marry all foreign women in Greece, Africa and Asia.

Al Salah, I will swear on the Koran and the 10 commandments, for symbolic purposes.

My Greece will rock the world.

Bonjour Europe, pos apo edo?

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