Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Why Greece?

Greece has great weather.
Most of the other European countries suk in terms of quality of life.
Alexis and I are here (for now).

When a keyboard worrior is built like a guard but cannot work as one because of Stournaras. Two nighs ago, tired from work selling. But I love it, workaholic G(r)eek.

Yeap, 5 kids beat the shit out of me November 17 last year cos they thought I was a cop and spoke German to the taxi driver.

I am simply a gladiator. And a metal fan (MIT man). A geek with an MBA can be lethal to special interests.

Our Greece will kick ass. Human Capitalism.

Geeks and sluts come to my Greece. We will happy together. A fraternity of men and women like the No6 Club at MIT.

Get away from the monetarists' Dogville. We will do The Beach and The Village.

Call me Fletcher Christian. Or Denzel. 

Or Chevy (Chase).

PASOK Deux, the real PASOK.
My uncle co-founded PASOK in 1974.

Let's live together.
Screw monuments, humans count.
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