Saturday, June 30, 2018

What is SYRIZA?

SYRIZA used to be a eurocommunist political party in Greece (KKE-Esoterikou).

In 1989 it collaborated with the Communist party of Greece and formed Synaspismos (SYN). Together with Conservative party New Democracy they governed Greece for 3 years due to the PASOK scandals.

When they split apart, it kept the SYN name.

As SYRIZA and with Alexis Tsipras, it skyrocketed in the polls from 3% to 42% in 2015 when I voted for it (had voted for it in the Euro and Attica elections of 2014 as well).

I joined SYRIZA in March this year.

SYRIZA is not communist or left anymore, it is becoming the Labour Party of Greece!

Nick Panayotopoulos
BS, MIT; MS, Northwestern; MBA (Finance), INSEAD

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