Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Papademos of Weeds

You are waiters, bartenders, carers, ITers, secretaries, security guards, engineers, transport workers, metayuppies, sex workers and above all geeks and migrats, vagabonds and global nomads.

And I am your Papademos. 

Will make Greece for Alexis, Dora and Panos Kammenos a good place for you and then continue my work life at 57 around the planet.

Ulysses79 at Zeta Psi, Alexander at Dropbox, NPthinking and Philosoph21 to the online world.

Fellow Albanians call me Commandante and Patissians President.

Call me Nick. And don't ask me where I am from. 

I was born in Greece. 

And will die on the road, cos life is a road trip and a series of missions.

That is why Muslims and I respect each other.

PS. PR, HR, enterpreneurs, Marketers, small biz onwers, even bureaucrats, fear not, been there done it so I know your problems.

Hellenic Navy '87B

Been to West Point, various US bases in Germany, have slept around, was not allowed to join ROTC or work in the US in the 80s. Thus America, I will create an America to compete with YOU.

PMs of Germany, NL, UK, Japan, Russia, Georgia, of course I can work for you too before Alexis or after. Via Randstad or Manpower. 

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