Monday, June 4, 2018

The new Global Village: Sounthion, Perahora, Greece

Watch the Lake and the Village.

Do you feel like Nicole Kidnman in Dogville?

Then sell and/or pack your assets and come to Greece of Alexis, me and others.

How I can help:

- Tax and work issues advice
- Investment and property purchase in Greece

I am now selling all properties I inherited in 2017.


1) Work for Teleperformance near Athens to support users of tech firms eg Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox, Lenovo, Sony, etc. They are always looking for high school alums + who understand tech and can solve issues using logic and creativity.

2) Buy an Athens flat:

- 17 m2
- 20 m2
- 25 m2
- 30 m2

plus 54 m2 in Pangrati

3) Set up a small biz in Athens or Perahora (Sounthion)

4) Create a cluster or living and biz/work for 500 people in Sounthion

(the Lake near it look a lot like the Beach 2000 movie with Leo, Google Loutraki in Greece)

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