Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Spanish, German, English, French, Arabic and other speakers, join my Greece via Teleperformance Hellas!

Teleperformance is a global company current based in Paris. 

Their Greece subsidiary Teleperformance Hellas is currently recruiting Customer Care Advisors for their international clients (my 2016-2017 job, did it for Dropbox Inc, currently of SF and Dublin).

Other clients from Greece were: Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Lenovo. Many others but the list is not public for some reason. They are expanding though their premises in Tavros.
If they decide to hire you in Greece they get u a visa if needed (Schengen visa currently) and they buy you a ticket to Greece. That's a cool practice.

The languages they are looking right now for are: Lithuanian Latvian Ukrainian Japanese Catalan Croatian Arabic Italian Swedish Slovenian Polish Turkish Hungarian Romanian Hebrew German Dutch Portuguese Norwegian Bulgarian English Slovak Czech Russian French Spanish Danish Finnish Serbian 

My pro bono advice is:

Apply via the Net now via:
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