Friday, June 8, 2018

Quick guide for American women who want 2018 vacations in Greece or a Greek man

Don't ask for money for your ticket or a top up. We are not all sons of Greek tycoons.

Here are some ways:

I. Study in Greece

Try Deree College (undergrad) or ALBA (MBA). Look up the process online. I can advise you on how to apply, but for a fee.

II. Get a job in Greece

1) Apply for a call center job with Teleperformance Hellas, mostly in customer support.

In English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Scandinavian for US firms (did that too in 2016-2017):

2) Apply for a basic McDonalds job via:

These are only a few jobs in Greece. I pledge to create real jobs in Greece.

Please also create a free CV/resume of yours in:

use when it asks you for my e-mail address.

III. Get the Greek you like a job in your own country, in this case the US:

With you father's company or your own.

My CV is: Get a copy and show it to your dad.

IV. Start a company in Greece (bar, etc):

I can help you start it in Greece or Germany or the Netherlands because I have a business degree and management consulting experience.

Nick Panayotopoulos
MIT '85, Northwestern '87

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