Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Panayotopoulos vs Mitsotakides

Euro Press Release


Kyriako Mitsotaki,

We went to the same school.

But I entered it via exams, you did not.

You went to Harvard, I was already at MIT.

Your dad was a lawyer, mine a civil engineer.

Mine was killed by the PASOK 1982 landtax.

My family was Athenian, yours not.

You want to ban smoking, I smoke.

You don't like gays and trans, I am a liberal.

I invited you and Mareva and you did not come for dinner at 28, William King St.

I married a migrant, you married a rich girl.

You have an MBA from the Harvard Business School of primadonas, I have an MBA from Europe's #1 now world #5 business school: INSEAD

Your nephew lives in Karpenisi, has an affair with the anchor of Skai News in Faliron and wants to be Mayor of our Athens.

He will not be.

Cos my mom was Troas Makri. And my dad not a politician.

I am a Taurus of 1999 and a socialist, you are a speculative populist. 

My Greece will shine, yours, mate, stinks.

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