Saturday, June 2, 2018

Olaf and team of Eurogroupers give Randstad less than 20K for me to change Greece over the summer

You spend so much on travel, renovation of churches, libraries, museums, Hungarian OPAP has New Greeks spending to cover the absence of real jobless bens, Randstad makes money from the need of TP and others to avoid Greek OAED and AADE red tape, etc.

Give Randstad Hellas, my former employer, in part of 2017, 20K for me to change Greece for Alexis, Dora and others over the summer.

Then, as Wes Himes suggsted in 2012 in London, I can move on to a non-Greece job.

Nick Panayotopoulos
ex-Global Business Support (Billing and Payments) Dropboxer, MIT '85 and MBA.

Zeta Psi not Illuminati, Masons or Sculls and Bones.

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