Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My US years

Arrived at JFK in 1981 for my Freshman year at Lafayette College (Easton, PA).

A month later I was elected in Student Government.

Was invited to join Zeta Psi and KDR. Joined Zeta Psi.

Started weights at the gym.

Did well in classes.

Applied to MIT to make my father happy since I was spending his money.

Got in a few days after his June 10, 2018 death.

Decided to return to the States for MIT.

Lived in Zeta Psi and attended frat parties of course.

Model UN at U. Penn 1984

 Vice-President and then President of the MIT Speech and Debate Club.

Chairman of the MIT Association of Student Activities.

 MIT, UC Berkeley and Northwestern admited me for grad school.

Northwestern gave me the best deal, a fellowship.

Left November 1986 to do my militar service.

"Democracy is as Ancient as Greece, freshmen vote for Nick Panayotopoulos"

"Do you have any children Nick?" Not that I know of.

I may be the most American European in Europe.

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