Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My current mission (aka Mission Statement)

Hi there,

Welcome to my Facebook (my page not your page).

My name is Nick Panayotopoulos
MIT '85, Northwestern '87, INSEAD '90

Global Tax# 30 026061230
Panayotopoulos Nicholaos

After Dropbox in Tavros my mission is to find a next job anywhere in Greece, Europe or the world (and will always be) plus at the same time market Athens, Greece, SYRIZA and my 2017 inherited Greek flats/property.

Finding a wife is not, cos for now I'm married to my migrant ex GF til she goes back to her native country to retire.

But I am not a monogamist and Greece is not free since May 2010.

My page rules:

1) Do not ask me for my age (discriminatory) or for money for your iTunes or your family (my wife has one too) cos I will then propose you help sell my flats in your country for me to make that money to give you.

2) If you propose a loan to me, you better not ask me to pay anything else but interest for it (no fees etc). 

I studied Finance at INSEAD, did ya?

Nick Panayotopoulos

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