Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jobs in Greece and Jobs for Greeks: Hardcore

In 2010 Greece should have defaulted. Instead it implemented a faulty program that caused the jobless rate to jump from 8% to 29%!

I left the main job market and became a carer in 2005. Then managed Greek red tape and spent a fortune on international phone calls to female friends via OTE plus electric bills (DEI) and other red tape fees.

You knew me from the Net.

When you first meet me in real life you get scared.

I am a 6'4" man and I exhaust your body and your brain as well.

I am not gay, I am an extrovert. I like and respect all gays and lesbians for the interesting personalities but have sex only with women and potentially ladyboys.

What should scare you the most is that I know the economic, tax, labor and social security laws.


I kill with sex and words.

I am not my father or my mother.

I am Nick,

Sex, work and quality of life for all.
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