Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Eye of the tiger Mach IV

Yous employ young people and foreigners for waiters or cashiers or cleaners or face control. Stournaras made people do seminars and pay 500 to become guards. Taxi licenses cost 82,000! People's house are taken. Natural monopolies are privatized (sold off) and become gated (roads, metro, etc)

The whole system is geared towards women and AADE collections. Euclid and Efi step aside, I am coming off the bench.

Randstad, Olaf und Mark, where's my contract brothers? My SDOE und SEPE wil get u too if u delay.

What does not kill me makes me stronger. And I speak 6 languages.

I am 55, I have 2 masters, I work 18 hours a day, I speak 6 languages. I was fired after I managed to arrive to work December 15 cos I complained about a sup who had an issue with me to Katia T. She asked me to leave, I said I want to do my job, she was gossiping with other "managers", I did not want to leave, I called for the Police and Labour Inspectorate and ran out before they killed me. I even did a standoff across the street.

Before that, me an MIT 6'4" geek with an MBA, I had survived beating for 10' by 5 on November 17.

I married a widow ex GF to get papers in your planet, EU and Greece of Apes.


Come to Sounthion to start a new city in Perahora.

SYRIZA OM Perahoras 

There are no real jobs in your Mickey Mouse Athenian, Greek, EU and global 2018 economy. You are not only fails but apes as well.

Come buy my Athens and Oropos properties you cartel economists.

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