Wednesday, June 6, 2018

EU or Global Job Market?

The EU started almost 60 years ago.

I was fired in 2017 at 55 in 20-30% (ELSTAT and ECB) Greece without the right for unemployment benefits according to the site of the Greek Manpower Organization (OAED) as well as the Galatsi OAED.

Who was my actual employer? Dropbox Inc (USA and Ireland), Teleperformance (France HQed, EMEA/Hellas) or Randstad (NL HQed, Hellas)?

Why is a worker in Greece not eligible for first time jobless bens even with 15 days worked in 2016 and over 250 in 2017.

Where is the Euro or global job market?

I will swear on the Koran and the ten commandments.

Greek laws will be few and workable and everyone will have the equivalent of at least 600 per month guaranteed.

Nick Panayotopoulos 

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