Saturday, June 2, 2018

City of Athens, June 2, 2018: Formal request for political asylum to other EU membe statesr for those not eligible for unemployment benefits in Greece

It is now 8 years since the IMF was called in by the then PM George Papandreou, a Minnesota born Greek who had lived in Sweden during the 1967-1974 period in Greece.

On Thursday at 19:52 EET, I formally requsted from the Dutch Embassy in Athens (Economic Affairs) that a budget is approved by France, Germany and the Netherlands for a 1-4 member team.

To help Greece become competitive, grow and thus create the jobs needed to bring unemployment down to its pre 2009 8% at least. 

The budget is for a team of 4 for 4 months to implement the remaining prerequisites and any new ones so that the memoranda period 2010-2018 ends ASAP. 

It is a mere 2100 x 4 x 4 plus employer contributions to be paid via employment contracts of Randstad Hellas (firm also providing such services successfully to companies such as Teleperformance Greece and many Greek firms (in an effort to alleviate admin an other burdens from companies operating in Greece (Euro and EU member)).

A nephew of Manolis Panayotopoulos (1900-1983), member of EAM and 1974 co-founder of PASOK along with GAP's father Andeas Papandreou, I sold my 249A Fylis St, in 2012 for 45000 (110,000 antikeimeniki) due to the events between the two 2012 elections.

Messages on this issue have in parallel been sent via Twitter to the teams of E. Macron, M. Rutte (VVD) and O. Scholtz and M. Schultz (SPD).

Note that the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government has successfully reduced unemployment since 1/2015 from 27% to 20%. 

But due to the re-adjustment budget the current benefits system of OAED excludes 

a) the self employed, 

b) those with work days in 2017 that qualify them but less than 80 in 2016, 

c) those who change residence or don't have a fixed one to claim benefits 

d) the carers inside homes in Greece (undeclared alas to a very large degree).

Since political refugees to Greece from outside the EU do and should receive a stipend (exact level not known), I hereby formally request for this different group either:

a) A 200 per month benefit to those qualifying for the above benefits via a simple request to an OAED office that they are available to work if OAED finds them one, or

b) Granting of political refugee status by other member statwes and the relocation to another EU member state and language lessons with a view to finding a job in another of the alas still (since 1992) alleged single private sector job market of the EU.

The requesters can be of course allocated in the same way refugees to the EU are currently allocated in the EU. Since the UK has not exited yet, it should be included in the allocation as decided by a relevant EU Council or the individual member states .

Nick Panayotopoulos
AFM 026061230 
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