Friday, June 29, 2018

Buying a flat or piece of land in Greece (based on current laws)

The price listed for each flat is today's price (based on demand and supply) and it includes your commission. 
One has to use ad hoc sales agents to sell internationally in 2018.
The higher the price the buyer pays the higher the agent's commission is because it is best that it is a % of the sale price (eg 18%).
The deed for eg a property in Athens will be transfered via a contract by an Athens notary based on the current EU and Greek laws.
  The process:
1) You view the flat or have a rep of yours view it. 2) We agree on a price. 3) You give a small downpayment. 4) You select a Greece notary for the purchase contract. I have worked with in the past and can propose some (the cost of the notary is extra to the price, it's around 600-1000). 5) You get a Greek VAT number (AFM) and have a lawyer check the deeds (Athens Deeds Registry). 6) You pay the purchase tax 7) The purchase papers are signed and it is yours.
Timeframe: Up to 1 month.
Ask me for more details, I have sold and bought a few flats in Greece in 1982-2014. 
I will change these laws when I become Minister of Finance of Greece .
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