Friday, June 15, 2018

Buy 4 small flats in the global City of Athens

Four studios I am selling right now in the City of Athens, EU, Greece.

One in Ano Patissia (3rd floor, 20 m2, Kosti Palama 5)
Near the Ano Patissia subway station. 

A lovely 20 m2 (200 sq. feet) smart flat I wish my aunt had given before I got married.

Gym right across the street

One in Patissia (6th floor, 17 m2, 13 Iviron St)
Near the Agios Nikolaos subway station and my parents flat (I sold in 2012) to tour Europe:

Two near Victorias Square (tube station) - Areos Park:


Ground floor, 30 m2, Magnisias 20, facing the garden:

Bathoom with half size bathtab


Ground floor, 25 m2, Attaleias 2.

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