Sunday, June 24, 2018

Athens and Greece

Athens needs public transport that is 24/7 and paid by users via their taxes.

Athens needs real global marketing. So does Greece.

Athenians need to not sell their homes for 5000.

Hospitals will be free and effective.

Natural monopolies will be stated owned but well run.

Everyone in Greece will be guaranteed 600 per month, every month.

Laws will be fewer and easier to adhere to to promote competitiveness and thus growth.

Tax laws will be simple and your tax declaration straightforward and fast.

Competition law will make markets better functioning, not the case now. So will Anti-Discrimination laws.

Employer and employee contributions will be low to promote employment for all not just the young.

The Greek state will not borrow from the international markets again or have an ESPA (CSF) post 2019.

Work is a basic right, for all in Greece.


Greece will be free (again?)

The goal is unemployment rate of 7% by 2021.

Nikos Panayotopoulos

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