Monday, June 11, 2018

9th year of Crisis Greece

Pagrati, June 11, 2018

Thank you to the Greek church and to all employees of the City of Athens. 

Stand by for my summer government policy agenda at 23:00 EET (22:00). The Randstad temp contract is still being awaited for.

On other news, I have asked the French Police to arrest today and surrender Emmanuel Macron, protege of Jacques Attali and others, to Hellenic Police via Europol since it has been confirmed that a French law that constitutes a crime against poor countries was passed under his Presidency on April 4, 2018.

I have consulted other Athenians of all religions over this. 

He will be tried in Greece and if not found guilty released back to France.

I want to thank all French citizens in Greece and vacationing in Greece. 

Vivre, toujours, la France! 

Nick Panayotopoulos
MIT '85, Northwestern '87, INSEAD '90
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