Wednesday, June 6, 2018

4 studios of mine for sale in central Athens which Mitsotakis plans to rebuild with your European taxpayers' money

Hard for a hetero 55 y.o. man to find a job in 2010-2018 Athens.

So unless I join the government as Minister of Labor or Finance or become Mayor in 2019 I am leaving Athens again.

Most probable destination is to develop the area my aunt had a 4000m2 lot into a new hub for living and working:

Sounthion City in Perahora 20300 Greece.

I have 4 studios in central Athens to sell to you. By buying one you automatically get a share of the land under it as well.

1) 25 m2 near Pedion tou Areos


Ground floor, faces the street, small hallway, 1 room, small bathroom with shower, kitchen.  No fees, very low landtax.

2) 30 m2 near Pedion tou Areos

This area is red light now but very interesting for progressive people and will be rebuilt by Nea Demokratia with EU funds.

So I am asking just 10,000 USD for each one. Great investment cos u buy a piece into FUTURE ATHENS.

The other two are a few kilometers north of that, in Patissia.

1) 17 m2 loft studio, 6th floor (1970). I am asking for 17,000

The tenants do not give me a door key cos my aunt owed them some fees. But got in one day and it's a great little flat you get from the 5th floor.

2) 25 m2 loft studio, 3rd  floor (1968). I am asking for 15,000.

This is great flat. If my aunt had let me stay there in 2013 my life would have been different. But it's 2018 now.

Rush. Troika Athens is the new Eldorado for monetarists and investors. And Athens is great if ur young and gay and can work in services like a slave.

Worked for Dropbox Global in Tavros and now am off to a real Adventure. Come with me to Perahora to start something new if u have the stomach for it.


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