Saturday, June 2, 2018

2018-2028, the decade of the New Greeks in the world and Europe/EU/Schengen/Security Union

Troika and Donald, 2018-2028 will be driven mostly by (new) Greeks in Europe and the world.

France, NL and Germany, are u lazy? 

Where is the budget for my 4 month secondment to the Greek government (summer 2018)?

Tasks: To implement the 88 points and prepare the draft new IGC (as I did in the ESC etc) for others to then work on?

Additional: To give the US trade team a run for more than its money.

Thanks to Christos Protopappas (TUC/Labor/PASOK) and OMED for my skills in negotiations, labor, commercial and political.

World, do u have issues accepting that me, Dora, Alexis, Kyriakos, Pappas and othes have skills and relevance outside Greece? That's discriminatory.

And dead wrong.

Get on with the program.

Nick Panayotopoulos
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