Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wir wollen eine neue Europa

European Press Release

Kesarriani, May 15, 2018

EU leaders, ETUC/CES and BUSINESSEUROPE, Eurocommerce and UEAPME,

Nous voulons une Europe du traivail!

Eine Europa where everyone can work using one language, English, as people did in the USSR.

Everyone not just the under 30 and the EU officials. 

I am 56 and I demand the real chance to be able to work in Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden. Denmark, Lux, Hungary, Malta, Lithuania, Croatia, Finland, everywhere.

I don't want to a a bon pour Greece MIT '85 and INSEAD '90 man at 56.

EU leaders make this happen.

For all 45+ year olds in Europe.

Or resign today and we elect those who can.

Nick Panayotopoulos
SYRIZA OM Patissia and SYRIZA Europe
MIT '85

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