Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Update on the sale of the Haroula Makris assets and their role as a barometer of the situation in Athens, Greece, the EU and the world

1) The first electronic auctions for the properties foreclosed by AADE (Greek IRS) led to no result.

They do cause a flood of properties in the market and my personal research of the market in Athens shows oversupply of properties to rent or buy. 

Press reports of properties sold by some VIPs indicate that many owners still try to cling to pre or early stage of the crisis prices/values. 

My research of selling points for goods in Athens, on since 2013, shows that demand is still signifucant but clearly not enough to foster growth in employment of the volume SYRIZA wants.

The Hellinikon project will produce manu jobs albeit mostly for young people plus higher end relateg eg gambling and hotel-entertainment (Vegas effect).

Read my LinkedIn resume as well as my Philosoph21 blog to see how I can produce solutions in generation of jobs via Culture.

I do not wish a case based solution for the Limenarchis issue but a comprehensive one/

2) Thironos 20 (Ilissia-Kesariani on the border with Pagrati):

My partner and I have set a floor value for the 56,000 antikeimeniki penthouse. 30,000.

3) Kosti Palama , Ano Patisia:

20m2 studio, smart, 19000 antikeimeniki:

Since I onlu need 6000 for inheritance tax for the whole package, and thus no need to sell all assets fast. I'm setting the price at 12,000, first come first serve cos I want to move on to the Greek islands for a job.

Will be visiting the flat with Mzia around 11:30 today so call her if you want us to show it to you.

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