Friday, May 18, 2018

The problem with 2018 Greece, Europe and the world

North Korea just wants to be left alone.

The UK thinks it's important. It's not.

Germany wants its people and its employees around the world to speak German too.

The EU has 28 soon 27 but not a single language to help people find jobs in other states.

The media are dealing with what Trump does. He is a genious in that.

Together, China, India, Russia, Africa and the rest of Asia are most of the world.

I will swear on the Constitutions and the Quran and create a country that will have a strong internal market of 20+ million people of all colors and DNAs and lead the above to a unified market for work. English will be its official language plus Greek.

My government of 20 will include fellow engineer Alexis Tsipras, Nikos Pappas, Nina Kassimati, Rania Svingou (from SYRIZA), economist Antonis Samaras, Nikos Dendias, Vassilis Kikilias (from New Democracy) and two ArabGreeks, one IsraeliGreek, one RussianGreek, one AfricanGreeks, two AsianGreeks as well as 3 LGBT Greeks.

And of course one ChineseGreek and one IndianGreek.

Believe in a united world for jobs. Greece will deliver it for you.

Nick Panayotopoulos 
MIT '85, Northwestern '87, INSEAD '90

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