Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Haroula Makris inheritance liquidation: Update

This morning I chatted with a Bulgarian dude in California then rushed to the local MyMarket to buy beer and some carrots for Manana.

I ran into one of the owners, the one my aunt respected the most in hall, the building manager (a pensioner of Alpha Bank).
as well as his wife.

The manager has kept calling my wife to ask for the fees for weeks now. 

When we moved in, in the beggining of March, the manager told me that someone was looking for me and asked me when I would pay the fees. It turned turned out it was Wind. My Mzia had negotiated a dea to move our internet to Pangrati from the William King flat we were renting.

Today I told him to bring in the buyer he had weeks ago suggested was interested to see the Thironos 20 penthouse and then I would pay some of the fees (koinohrista). I also ran into his wife and Mr. Kokkinos and told them the same.

60' minutes later my wife rushed into my operations room to tell me the manager and his friend had come. 

I put on a shirt and went to meet them. The buyer as expected was a late sixties Greek.

After shaking hands he told me I was to do "apodohi klironomias". 

I replied that my grandfather was a lawyer (my uncle was a corporate lawyer, my grandma's brother a notary) and asked him how much he was offering for the flat since I had noticed they had alread done a quick check out.

He instead replied "How much do you want".

I therefore replied 100,000. 

I saw he was shocked and started moving towards the entrance. So I threw another price him:


They left of course and told Mzia to lock the door behind them.

Nick Panayotopoulos
MIT '85, INSEAD '90

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