Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Greece problem: Origins

Greece had a military junta in 1967-1974.
Greece was occupied in 1941-1945.

After WWII there was a fight between communists and royalists with the middle class stuck in the middle.

After this civil war the conservatives got Marshall Plan money. Greece started becoming urban and alas for POVs like my Athenian mother's (who voted for New Democracy and Makis Voridis' red card in 1996) most people from the "eparhia" came to Athens to find jobs. You can see that if you watch 2-3 Greek movies of the 1950-1960s period (eg Finos Film ones).

The main resort areas were Hydra Beach (you can see it in Greek movies starring Lambros Konstantaras), the Astir Hotel in Vouliagmeni (owned by the Ethniki Bank). Also the EOT beaches were socializing centers for lower incomes.

Formal jobs were created in industries owned by oligarchs. The management style was very GrecoOttoman (pachas) and people from the eparhia were oppressed as employees. There was no labor relations model.

Many women from the eparhia worked as domestics in Kolonaki (Knob or rather Snob Hill) households, you can see that in Greek movies.  

Greeks from abroad became benefactors but many wanted lobbing-political influence in exchange for it and some still do (their management boards). 

Key events (for Greece) were also the Greek-Turkish war, the 1996 Olympic Games, the Balkan Wars and the 1922 Asia Minor holocaust. 

In the 19th century Greece went bankrupt and supervision was imposed. 

After the Greek Civil War the conservatives oppressed communists and socialists. Konstantine Karamanlis was a Serres born lawyer who gave engineers the means to overbuid Athens via"Antiparohi". Manos in 1977-1981 (New Democracy) allowed landowners to use "Metafora Syntelesti Domisis".

Oppression of "lefties" ("Pistopiitiko Fronimatos") led to the Andreas Papandreou PASOK landslide in 1981. Andreas Papandreou was a Marxist who got a Harvard PhD and returned to Greece in 1960 (KEPE).  

The No1 mistake PASOK made in 1981-1989 and still haunts Greece and its lenders:

Instead of jobless bens and jobseeker's bens, Papandreou rewarded his voters with Public Sector jobs.

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