Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Property Mortgages in Greece

Deal between Bain and Piraeus Bank re the sale of companies and real estate assets.

Διαβάστε για να μαθαίνετε. 


Policy Measures:

As MinFin od  SYRIZA I will convince banks to offer you loas in order for you to pay inheritance taxes (on property).

Θα πείσω τις τράπεζες να σας δανείζουν για να πληρώνετε φόρους κληρονομίας αλλιώς θα τους καταργήσω ίσως και αναδρομικά.


When the 2010 debt crisis erupted many firms and people in Greece had loans. Due to the dip in the economy, many of these loans could not be paid back. Some of those were sold to Bain by Bank of Pireaues.

Nick Panayotopoulos
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