Saturday, May 12, 2018

International Civil Liability Claim: Panayotopoulos vs the Netherlands, Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, Ireland, France et al

The claimant:

a) Nick Panayotopoulos MIT '85 (AFM: 026061230)

and as the pro bono advocate of (class action):

b) All migrants in Greece especially those working as uninsured domestics
c) The 20% unemployed, especially those not eiigible for jobless benefits 
d) Homeless people in Athens and the rest of Greece
e) Relatives of people who died in 2010-present
f) Brain Brainers due to the 30% jobless rate
g) Others (to be named later)


Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg and the other lenders members of the Eurozone 
The European Central Bank
The International Monetary Fund

On behalf of b to g I hereby ask for a special international court to hear the case. 

The liability stems from the errors and omissions that led to a 25% drop in the Greek GNP and 29% unemployment rate. As well as the 20%+ current unemployment rate and other effects.

I call upon a specialist attorney to assist me in bringing this case in front of US, UK, German et al courts.

At its simplest, civil liability means being responsible for actions and practices that could damage others, but which aren’t criminal. So they’re not pre-meditated or against the law.

Civil liability concerns the times when there isn’t any intention to cause harm, but harm occurred anyway. I

You bear civil liability for whatever’s gone wrong, and try to claim damages. 

That leaves you open to some pretty hefty compensation payments, not to mention legal costs.

It doesn’t end there either, because we’re not just talking about your defence costs. If you end up on the losing side, you’ll have to pay for the claimant’s expenses too.

And did you know you can face a civil claim even after you’ve already been through a criminal prosecution? 

If you’re found guilty, the person swho’s suffered the damage can make a second, civil claim against you for compensation. A double blow, then.

Please mote that a strict liability does not take into account whether an individual or company was negligent or not

All of which leads us neatly to another important question: is there anything you can do to protect yourself against these civil claims?

Yes there is.

a) Professional indemnity (PI) insurance is your guardian angel and does the job of covering legal costs and compensation. May I recommend Lloyd's and their broker Koutinas SA?

b) Provide Alexis Tsipras with a budget line to employ me via Randstad Hellas as his special advisor on national, EU and international public policy and negotiations to help you restore the damage done.

In addition to the IMF, its members will bear the consequences (eg USA, Canada, China, et al).

So do it.

Nick Panayotopoulos
SYRIZA OM Patission

Photo of the 1961 129 m2 flat in Patissia I had to sell for 45000 instead of 110000 in 2012 after the games between the two elections to leave Greece and seek work elsewhere at 50. 

I lost 65000 due to negligence by the lenders and their agents and employees and I want at least that amount refunded by the parties in my suit.

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