Tuesday, May 1, 2018

MayDay 2018

Greece was founded as a country in 1832. Its 200 year anniversary will be in 2032.

France's National Day is on July 14.

The US's July 4.

Since its beginning Greece had the need for a government and a state.

The current government started its 4 year term in the autumn of 2015. Alex Tsipras had also won an early 2015 election caused by the need to elect a President of the Hellenic Republic. That's when professor Prokopis Pavlopoulos' first term started. He is the head of the Hellenic state.

The government in Greece, unlike the US or France is ran by the Prime Minister (head of state).

The current ruling coalition in Greece is SYRIZA (leader Alexis Tsipras) and ANEL (leader Panos Kammenos).

Greece has 30% jobless according to the ECB. The Eurostat latest count is 20%. The friction unemployment rate is 5%. The US has less than that.

Why do the Georgian (40%), Greek (20%, 30% by the ECB), Spanish, Croatian rates exceed the US one?

More importantly, what causes the gap between the US and the EU rates?

Reporting from Europe, 
Nick Panayotopoulos

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