Saturday, May 12, 2018

European Press Release: A Public Message to Dora Bakoyannis

Pangrati, May 12, 2018

Schoene Dora,

4500 executives are for the private sector not for cabinets of New Democracy ministers in 2019-2023 and you of all people should know that and of course Kyriakos.

So agree with you know who and make me "Papademos" or employ "Maria' with "IKA", you know perfectly well what I mean and so does Athens B' and most of the world and does not care (about the domestics in your Greece).

Please give my best to other Deutche Schule of Athens alums and to Kyriakos.

Tot zinz.

Nick Panayotopoulos

cc Alexis Tsipras, Mark Rutte, Angela Merkel, Martin Schultz, Emmanuel Macron, Donald Tusk, Christine Lagarde.

Summary of Resume:

Tychopoulos 1971
Northborne Park School 1974
Lycee Carnot 1979
Athens College 1981
MIT 1985
Northwestern 1987
SEV 1991
SEV-BUSINESSEUROPE and European Social Dialogue 1991-1994
SEPE 1995
OKE 1996
Ministry of Labour 1996-1997
OMED 1998-1999
Rothmans 1998-1999
The Liberals 1999 1999-2002 2002
npdthinking and npthinking 2003-2012
Sold my flat and left in 2012 at 50 and Maria brought us back in 2014
Dropbox 2016-2017

SYRIZA OM Patission 2018

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