Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Current (post Dropbox/TP./Randstad) missions

1) Sell at the best possible price one of the flats Haroula Makris left behind when she died.


- Pay for the inheritance tax on each
- Pay the EYDAP, DEI and Koikoxrista bills she left behind for each one.
- Pay for the acceptance of the will.

Thankfully the will is now by default valid since I did not contest it inside the 4 months since the Protodikeion validation (2017/12/21).


- Pay for food for my wife et al
- Pay for my food 
- Pay for DEI, Wind, EYDAP.

2) A next job since with 15 days worked in 2016 and 320 in 2017 I still do not qualify for the jobless ben.

3) Organize and implement the 2018 Sounthion free camping experience on the 7000m2 Haroula Makris SOUNTHION lot (at the end of Perahora Loutrakiou)

Nick Panayotopoulos
SYRIZA OM IDIOTIKOU TOMEA (unofficial for now)

Come for free camping with a sleeping bag or tent at SOUNTHION.
A free camp for the sapiosexual citizens of the 2018 world

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