Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Reminder: Notice of failure to honor commitments

Athens, August 2, 2018.

Letter to the leading politicians of three lender countries to Greece:UK, Lithuania and Cyprus.

I want the following refunds for past (interest free loans) to ex GFs who are citizens of yours.

This a follow up of the April 11, 2018 notice.

Dear three,

I have to start paying 6,700E of inheritance tax in October 2018 at the latest in order to be able to sell parts of my later aunt's will.

This concerns:

3 Occupied Athens studios, 
1 flat in Kesariani next to Athens
1 house in Oropos

It also seems that due to Greece's fixation with its past and any ancient thingy instead of eg jobs and human capital is still holding up not only the Hellinicon Project of 50000 jobs but also land properties in the area where my late aunt's 4000 m2 seaside lot is located in Greece!

Since I don't currenty qualify for jobless bens, I re-challenge you to reimburse me YOURSELVES for the following loans citizens of yours asked me for in 2006-2010 and never bothered to give back!

They may be small but crucial to any 2018 Greek.

1) 50 Euros to a Lithuanian woman separated from an English tourist lorry driver. 

She visited me in my Patissia flat in 2010. Asked me when leaving for a 50 loaner and never bothered to try to return it altho she got a job in NL soon after. Does not reply to my e-mails.

2) 650 pounds a British-Cypriot mother of two on bens from Enfield borrowed from me in 2006 to pay for a new Athens-London air ticket cos she had missed the scheduled one! She never has paid back and has dissappeared since.

3) 50 euros to a British woman in 2011 to pay for a hotel in Athens instead of my flat in Patissia cos she acted drank and crazy when coming to visit me from Cyprus where she then had a tourism related job.

4) 50 euros to a British woman in 2005 to pay for a hotel cos instead of my then Kolonaki flat (sold in 2006) cos she was a nutter when she came to visit me from Liverpool where she received bens for her and her three kids.

5) Would it be please possible to also pitch in the 130 pounds I gave to the Southport woman who loured me over via and Skype to share a flat with her (share costs) and after 4 days in 2012 said to me that she was afraid swe would get in trouble with UK immigration!!!! I realized she had no clue re the EU so I ran away the following day after deciding to leave her 130 for the 5 days with her and moved to a London hotel to continue my jobsearch.

This notice is to the leaders of the UK, Lithuania and Cyprus.

You have done none of the following since April 2018:
1) Contact me via to reimburse me for these loans, will provide my Piraeus Bank details.

2) Give the money to your Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs or Minister of Labour to pass via Euclid (Tsakalotos), Nikos Kotzias or Efi Achtsioglou during a meeting, or 

3) By your Athens embassies.

Need I remind you that the 2010-present memoranda have caused unemployment in 2009-2015 Papandreou's, Papademos', Samaras', Venizelos' Greece (29%) and Alexis Tsipras-Rena Dourou-Euclid Tsakalotos-Efi Achtsioglou-Nikos Toskas Greece (20%)?

Need I also remind you as Yanis Varoufakis also did that 20000 people in Greece have lost their lives not just the NE Attica 88?

Prayers are cheap. And lunches not free.

A bientot.

Nick Panayotopoulos
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