Saturday, May 5, 2018


The land down under!

I've never been so far to Australia (only via Vloggerheads and Dropbox) but I wanna go and work there too, Sandie for example has and 2-3 ex-colleagues at Dropbox.

I love Australia but I simply don't get the rationale for its Eurovision participation. Well, I do, but don't agree with it.

Therefore to keep the area peaceful and the planet safe the following countries deserve immediate negotiations for entry into a Union:

1) Turkey
2) Armenia
3) Russia
4) Ukrane
5) Syria
6) Lebanon
7) Egypt
8) Morocco
9) Algeria
10) Libya 
11) Albania
12) Serbia
13) Israel
14) Georgia
15) Others they may want to

The way to merge this new Union with the EU is of course via the Security Union platform.

From Greece to the 7 billion,
Nicholaos Panayotopoulos
VAT Number: GR 026061230

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