Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Why is the Greek Ministry of Finance hiring 547? Why is there a 1997 age limit ?

The 1996-2004 Simitis government established rules for public sector hiring to try to address clientissimo which was always present in post Byzantium Greece (1832+). Its basic premise was entry exams conducted by a special agency, ASEP. 

I just read an advert from a private firm that prepares candidates for this exam to the Ministry of Finance.

Two main questions to the Eurogroup and the IMF:

1) Why is the Ministry of Finance hiring new staff and what is the budget implication of this and the implication on the debt repayment schedule.

2) Why is there Age Discrimination in the profile of these posts (1997) especially when the jobless rate is still so high.

I thus demand that the process is annuled and it is repeated with no age limit and wide publicity for these posts so that persons from all walks of life in Greece apply.


Nick Panayotopoulos
April 3, 2018

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