Monday, April 2, 2018

Why I'm Syrizaios!

Simply because of the reception I received from the members of SYRIZA Patissia OM! They even called me comrade!

I also wish to thank my some of the 2014 members of A2 of Nea Demokratia except of course from the old lady who advised me to go collect lemons to get a paycheck! 

A former Dropbox colleague who is a global nomad said it best last September at Allou Fan Park when she said that the Greece she wanted was the Greece of "Alexis (Tsipras), Rena (Dourou) and Nick (me)".

Alexis was also the preferred existing leader among the other Dropbox agents (ie between Alexis, Fofi and Kyriakos) plus in my trips outside Greece since 2012 I noticed that Alexis was the Greek politician most liked.

That's the key reason I decided to join SYRIZA and visited Koumoundourou in 2018. They liked my style this time and referred me over to the relevant OM in Patissia.

As an activist for a global Athens with public toilettes that are open 24/7/365 and free traders' licenses (the ones who have paid will get their money back) I want the support of all Athenians (1). 

Yet, because while as many people know, I have a personal liking for the current Maximou crew, while I have run a campaign as an independent, I wish to have the support of SYRIZA for Mayor of Athens since we Syrizaioi actually live in Athens whereas alas most Nea Demokratia VIPs und andere work and stroll in Athens but have their homes and consume outside Athens, ie in Suburbia.

In my long held opinion, ony RESIDENTS of the City of Athens, irrespective of religion etc, should be allowed to vote the Mayor of Athens. Having residents of Suburbia co-detetermine the Mayor is actually a distortion of Democracy.

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