Monday, April 2, 2018

Warning to all foreign governments (EU and non EU): Start really employing Greeks!

Global Press Release, Athens, Aprl 2, 2018.

Dear foreign governments members of IMF,

Make sure your immigration as well as non discrimination laws have provided and/or start providing as of today, April 2, 2018, real opportunities for employment of citizens of Greece in your own countries (employment in your companies' branches in Greece or your embassies in Greece doesn't count of course).

To that effect I will commission a state funded global survey on each IMF member 
country's real record in employing citizens of Greece (in your private sectors as well as public ones) when I become Prime Minister of now global Greece (either before your uber cruel (albeit justified due to the PSI occupation of Greece due to the 2009 debt crisis) occupation ends (as executive Prime Minister Papademos style) or after it with Alexis' and Rena's SYRIZA or New Democracy (after Mitsotakis)) (1).

And trust me, I will expose each and every one of you for your discrimination (and you know it) against Greeks since the beginning of time, with great pleasure you duchbags. 

That's a promise! Count on it!

Please note that employment by the EU institutions won't count in this future list.

This is my April 2, 2018 public and global pledge to all my countrymen and women as well as all foreigners currently in Greece cos you are of course all welcome to live, work and start a business in Greece and you will always be. #pledge

You sons of the bitches foreign governments of IMF member countries, you've imprisoned me and others of my generation with your policies in Greece except for 1991-1994, you will therefore be punished for it, politicaly, in 2018 til the end of time. 

Your suffering will of course be political but trust me you foreign governments will suffer greatly for all the deaths and other suffering of Greeks and non Greeks (eg the guys who jumped to death in the bus and in Thission) alike you have caused since 2010 until the crisis ends. 

You're occupying Greece, you foreign governments, due to the 1981-2009 bond debt, and that's not OK.

Kind regards,
Nick Panayotopoulos 

(1) Fans, Greek and non Greek, thanks but please stop asking me to start as new party cos we're all too poor to pay membership fees for one after such crimes commited on Greece since 2010.

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