Friday, June 15, 2018

A Golden Visa package for VIP Investors who believe in the future of Greece.

Pagrati, Athens, Greece, May 8, 2018.

This package was formulated on April 10 by Nick Panayotopoulos (MIT' 85, Northwestern '87, INSEAD MBA D'90) and his wife and includes:

1) A 4000 m2 coastal lot which is in a zone in the Limenarchis, Perahora near the Loutraki Vouliagmeni Lake that is restricted as of archaelogical importace and natural beauty by a 1962 and 1992 decision of the Ministry of Culture of Greece (D' OPPY, Nafpion). 

When liberated the value of this lot is over 500,000 and the investment value can easily exceed 1,000,000. The land was purchased by the late H. Makri in 1972. 

2) An Agios Nikolaos in Markopoulo Oropou lot with a 60m2 1972 first floor house on it, 47 kms from the center of Athens, near the sea.

3) Four studios in the City of Athens, one in Ano Patissia (3rd floor, 20 m2, 5  Kosti Palama St), one in Patissia (6th floor, 17 m2, 13 Iviron St.), and two near Victoria Square: Ground floor, 30 m2, 28 Magnisias St., ground floor, 20 m2, Attaleias 2.

All studios are suitable for housing refugees to Greece/Schengen or people who want a Greece Golden Visa foothole to Greece and can use Airbnb to rent them out when not in Greece.

Since 2013 2500 have benefited from the Greece Golden Visa, 700 of which in 2017 from China, Turkey, Russia, etc.

4) Advisory support from Nick Panayotopoulos (free) plus experts he has worked with since 1991 and trusts, including ex-POFEE president Elias N. Mitsios (tax issues) and a list of notaries Nick has hired since 1982. 

Recommendations can also be made re legal services providers in Greece.

Nick is a former management consultant, a euro/global nomad native of Patissia and has experience in/with real estate, economic policy, labor law (OMED, Ministry of Labour, OKE), taxation and accounting-finance as well as EU affairs. He has also worked for Rothmans and Dropbox and other companies.

The package was stategecially packaged (April 10, 2018) and priced to suit the needs of strategic investors to Greece since Greece's current Culture policy is unlikely to change before May 21, 2018.

Price tag: 

279,000 Euros (the Greece Golden Visa floor is now 250,000).

Nick Panayotopoulos

Photo: Perahora lot.

The Pagrati 54m2 penthouse (April 2018) where we moved from the flat we rented after we returned to Athens in late 2014. I had sold my Patissia 129 m2 flat my father had built in 2012 to flee uber bureaucratic Crisis Greece.

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