Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ilssia-Pangrati-Kesariani area in Greece: Penthouse for sale: 56,000 (antikeimeniki 56,000) come see it and make an offer

Athens penthouse for immediate sale on Thironos Street 20, 4th floor, 54m2! Block made in 1970.

Great view from its veranda. Please see 3 photos of the view from its huge veranda surrounding the flat.

Quick access to Athens via the Evangelismos Metro station and then 732 bus or the Kesariani bus from Akademias St. near the Propylea. 

Very secure, since very close to the Kesariani Police Station. 

Very near the Formionos Street My Market (closes at 9pm) but there is also another one nearby that closes at 11pm weeknights!


There are plenty nice places nearby to eat, at various prices in Kesariani, Pangrati, Ilissia and Alsos Pangratiou (Ciao). 

State of the flat and the block: 

Built in 1970. Extremely good condition, all plumbing working, the lot was my aunt Haroula's and she had a civil enginner bulld a block. 

There are no stairs in the entrance, ie great for special needs people and their families. 

Manana, Vahtang and love this flat, but since Manana works too much we have decided to sell it cos Manana has the property her mum will leave her in Georgia and I want to move to the lovely Greek islands. 

So rush!

The antikeimeniki axia (AX) is 56,304 with 1,500 AX the zone (2013 declaration by Haroula Makris).

Thus we're asking for 56,000 Euros.

Price may vary with demand so first come first serve to view to flat and 
for agreement. The notary will take some time to prepare the deed cos of the ongoing liquidations of people's overmortaged flats in Greece.

Contact me or Manana immediately if interested in buying in Athens.

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