Tuesday, April 3, 2018

My Greece WILL be the best place on Earth to live, work and start a company, it's not yet!

I don't get it, why go to an exotic vacation spot anywhere else but Greece? 

Greece may be still occupied and with a 20% jobless rate but it is and has always been more beautiful as a vacation spot than any place on Earth. Its main problem is red tape and irrational to adhere to laws.

After I become its PM, Greece will soon become the best country in the world. It's a #pledge! It's a promise to all people in Greece and all humans around this world.

World stand by, get ready to come start a biz (especially an export oriented one) or become a citizen in MY Greece! 

But in my Greece everyone wil have a job (an official one)! No one will be jobless unless she/he does not want one.

EVERYONE who wants a job will have one in my Greece.

Now 20% don't. Many eat at the various soup kitchens around Greece. Many sleep rough unwantingly. 

Of course it will be OK to camp or sleep anywhere in my Greece!

Arbeit mach frei! Having a job makes you a free person!

Thus in My Greece everyone will have a job.

So, come to Greece but respect its laws, eg tax and employment ones.

Otherwise wait until the new more liberal or rational laws I will pass as PM, MinFin or Labour Minister. 

World come to MY Greece! 

Nick Panayotopoulos
MIT'85, Northwestern '87, INSEAD '90

Ed. Note:

Demosthenes Panayotopoulos and Troas Makri loved Greece. Will expand on this another time.

On the other hand, her sis Haris who passed away thought that Greece would be better if the Germans had actually won in WWII and used to be afraid of Muslims and of being robbed and killed in her own Pangrati flat. She was also fearful of Stournaras' laws.

Many know that I haven't loved Greece yet cos first I have to make it a proper country with proper laws, a proper tax system and in general a country that works for everyone in it. 

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