Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Many thanks! You rock! Keep up the good work!

Many thanks to Hellenic Police and all its heads during this ongoing dark age in the history of humankind.

When in Greece, don't be afraid of the Police! 

Ask them or go to them when you have reason to, don't be afraid of the Police, I never have, cos my mom/mum took me by the hand to a Greek police station when I was 5 and a cop explained to me not to be afraid of the Police. Anywhere.

Here is a site to find useful info, I recently did to assist someone in need of advice re Police matters in Greece (missing persons):

Men and women in blue, keep doing your job everywhere in this world.

Here's a Wikipedia page on Police series around the world:

I grew up watching Hill Street Blues, Barney Miller then The Shield (on Nova (1)) with fellow baldie GreekAmerican actor Michael Chiklis.

When I had time to watch TV I wasn't a real fan of the CSI series or Cold Case or the one with Tom Shelleck. Faves of all times of course the Law and Order series, NY and UK! 

Will do a separate post re Legal Dramas and the legal profession. 

Nick Panayotopoulos
Aka Alexander when with Dropbox/TP (2016-2017).

(1) To subscribe to Nova when in Greece check their site: http://www.nova.gr/
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